Carlin Martin is not an online, self-service customization platform. I am a tailor dedicated to a "made for your body" clothing experience with a focus on customer service, quality, and attention to detail. Carlin Martin distinguishes itself by combining colors and patterns that create a one-of-a-kind, well fitted, modern designs.


Being mindful of reducing wasteful consumption, we only use the highest quality cotton fabrics to create long-lasting shirts that serve my clients style needs for many, many years. We are not a FAST FASHION brand.


At Carlin Martin, I along with my team, believe that technology has nothing to do with customization and do-it-yourself measuring guides. A personalized approach is essential to my craft. Measurements are done in person, with a tape measure, by hand. I believe old-school is still the best way to create the best fit and the best cut.


"Don't be afraid of color and pattern... Be Your Own!" - Carlin
"Self-Confidence is feeling good about who you are and what you wear... Be Your Own!" -Carlin